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That mask cost less than $10 from eBay.com.au...for three :O

Hello! My name is Michael Brown, and I have recently completed my 2nd year of study at the University of Western Australia. I am both a Commerce and Arts student, undertaking a Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies)/Bachelor of Commerce, and majoring in Management, Entrepreneurship and Japanese. I have a passion for Business; particularly how the profits generated from it can be used to change the world. With that said, one day I hope to manage my own large, successful corporation based in Perth, Western Australia. What can I say, I like to dream big :P. Long term, highly optimistic goals aside, my current ambition is to step off a plane in Japan in early 2011 to study at Kansai Gaidai in Hirakata, Osaka, for one semester as an exchange student.

Why Japan? Because my future depends on finding out if Ash Ketchum really does catch them all! Ah, the Pokemon years…then the Digimon years…then Dragonball Z/Zoids/Yu-Gi-Oh/Beyblade…Wow, that is pretty much my childhood right there…Back to serious mode, I have been studying the Japanese language since year 8 of High School, and since then I have been on a short exchange to Japan (2 weeks, year 11 of High School), made many Japanese friends and links with a number of Japanese families, and have become interested in many other aspects of Japan such as its technological outputs, products of its popular culture such as music, dramas and movies, current affairs within the nation and its rapidly changing culture in reaction to globalisation.  With that said, I feel as if doing a semester of exchange in the country is almost a natural progression for me, as it will throw me right into the midst of the country where I will be able foster my interests first hand, hopefully rapidly develop my Japanese language ability, and reconnect with friends/families while also, of course, establishing new friendships too along way.

Besides my interest in Japan, I enjoy going out with friends, travelling (locally and internationally) and keeping up to date with the latest in consumer electronics/technology, Australian and international politics and general national and international current affairs; all of which I have a keen interest in. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t check Google News at least twice…is that obsessive compulsive? You know things have become serious if I have tuned into Sky News. Other addictions of mine: Facebook, Farmville and products of the Coca-Cola company…mainly Coke, but in my defence, they also “make” water :P.

Well I should probably stop here; if I keep going, I might as well start on my own personal biography now :P. As a final point, I look forward to sharing my student exchange experiences with you on my blog (MaikeruInJapan) over the next year or so, and with that said, please feel free to leave a comment or two on the blog along the way. At times it may seem like a bumpy ride, but like most things in life it will be a learning experience, and by sharing my blog with the world, I hope others can learn alongside me throughout this journey :).

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