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A modern Japanese house.Housing in Japan consists of both modern and traditional styles; however both appear to be constructed with traditional Japanese customs in mind. Two types of residences are predominating in the country: the single-family detached house and the multiple unit building, which are either owned by an individual or organization, or rented out to willing tenants.  Additional types of housing, especially for unmarried couples, include boarding houses (popular amongst college students), dormitories (common in companies) and barracks (for members of defence force or sometimes for those of other public employment. Japanese houses are traditionally constructed from wood, although, concrete and steel are now widely used too. The walls are usually kept thin because of the mild climate, and overlapping, slanted and slightly curved roofs are added because Japan receives quite a bit of rain. 1868, when Japan opened itself up to the world, was the time when Western style architecture began appearing, replacing that of traditional Japan, however certain Japanese customs have still remained unchanged. Read more...

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