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Hiragana and Katakana Charts

A set of complete, quick-reference charts for Japan's two unique writing systems.

As a student of Japanese, I know from experience how intimidating the Japanese writing systems can seem to new students at first. However, through consistent practice of writing Hiragana and then Katakana, you will find yourself writing naturally in Japanese characters in no time! But even the best of us can forget things at times, which is why I created the two charts below - to be used as a quick-reference tool for both new and experienced students learning Japanese. Hiragana and Katakana have been separated into two charts respectively, with each character represented by its pronunciation in English lettering (romaji), the actual Japanese character itself, and where applicable, notes have been included regarding how the reading of a set of characters are changed when either nigori (two dashes or dots: " ), or maru (a circle: ° ) are written/drawn above them (for example, the character ta (た) becomes da (だ) when two dashes (nigori) are written above it).
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